Valentines Day 2020

Love MUST be in the air...


I am offering a crazy deal...


Two for the price of one

Valentine Weekend SPECIAL

This offer is only valid on canvas sizes suitable for two pet faces - ie for canvas sizes of

30cm x 40cm or larger... 


Usually when you have a pet portrait done - there is an additional cost to have 2nd pet face on the portrait - for example:


Typical pricing

30cm x 40cm pet portrait with one pet face is $250

and with two pet faces you'd pay $345.


By taking up this offer - you would only pay the price of one pet face on the size canvas you choose  -

!!so you pay $250 for two faces!!

 (Note - the size of the canvas affects the price)

Note - My typical terms and conditions apply (click for details).


until Monday - 17 February at 5pm (QLD) time


You can take up the offer by paying the required deposit (see my usual terms and conditions).  which gets you on to my painting schedule. We can gather photos, and stories at a more leisurely pace.

!!Please contact me to take up the offer!!

  Image by gersonmartinez16 on Pixabay

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