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What makes Sonia's art so special

What makes Sonia's inspirational art so special?

Sonia is a passionate Believer in the Lord Jesus Christ, having accepted the Christian walk as a way of life from the age of 16 years. 


Having a keen desire to continue to grow and develop in her relationship with Father God, Sonia uses her God-given gifts and talents as a ministry through co-labouring with the Holy Spirit to build up and edify the body of Christ. 


Inspired by her 'Kingdom Assignment', a Sonia's intent and purpose for Christian and Prophetic art produced is to share Jesus, impressions and Biblical truths and mysteries revealed.  This is done through encouragement, teachings, meaningful symbols and icons within contemporary styled artworks and contemplative artwork write-ups. 


Through a collaborative creative process and the inspiration of the Holy Spirit, Sonia typically works towards a Collection of Works with a key focus on an element that if observed will typically reveal additional and deeper elements that continue to bless and grow understanding of that element through the power of the Holy Spirit.

Viewers have a sense of discovery and connection as nuances and treasures within the artwork are discerned.


Sonia’s works are undertaken on quality canvases, prepared with gesso, painted with quality colour-fast acrylic paints and other mediums, that are coated with a double layer of acid-free varnish to ensure your art investment remains attractive and able to be enjoyed for many years to come.

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