Secret Garden


Secret Garden


Narrative: The confusion, the sounds, the lights, the pain all fades to a whisper... I feel my hand being held... I hear the word ‘Come’. Vibrant greens speak life and stillness, gentle fragrances waft on the breeze. My feet follow the path, I feel peace, I feel warmth... the tears flow down my cheeks. Not sad, but a full, warm heart – safe – at peace – surrendered in the wonder of Comfort and Light.


About the art;


This artwork was painted mainly using my hands... The texture and feel of acrylic paint and the way it spreads over the canvas just feels like opportunity and potential. The artwork changed a few times in the process of shaping the colours and textures. The focus at the centre truly feeling like an invitation to escape to a secret place... a drawing in and a sense of adventure making the invitation undeniable and unable to be refused. And upon entering that secret place... well that is for the viewer of the artwork to discover.


From the artist:


For me personally this artwork is an invitation of faith and grace... to come away to a stillness and intimacy with the Creator.


Acrylic on Canvas, finished with clear satin varnish. The artwork is signed in the front and is ready to hang.

Dimensions: 60cm=width x 60cm = high x 3.8cm = deep




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