Pet Portrait - 30cm x 30cm x 4cm featuring 1 pet face


Pet Portraits of your furry friends with Petz Portraits by Sonia Farrell


Order your own special commissioned artwork(s) similar to the artworks on this product page (ie Petz Portraits).  So Sonia does a custom pet portrait painting of your pet using photos that you provide of your own pet.


Commissions require 20% deposit (non refundable for cancellations) and 80% on completion of the artwork.  


These unique artworks take approximately 3 - 4 weeks to complete and require 2 - 3 quality reference photos (preferable sent by phone or email) from yourself where the eyes of your pet are clear and detailed. 


In the event of busy seasons such as Christmas - the turnaround of commissioned works may take a bit longer.  If you are thinking of getting a commission done - please contact me as soon as possible so we can book your special customised petz portraits.



  • To commence discussions with artist Sonia Farrell, please fill in the 'Pet Portrait Order Request' form under the Contact section of this website.
  • Other size canvasses are available - Price on Request. 
  • Multiple pet faces on one painting increases the cost - please contact me to discuss pricing.
  • Postage and Packaging is included for delivery within Australia...  For delivery outside of Australia, please contact me to discuss pricing.
SKU: petcomm3030
  • Packaging and Postage

    Please note artwork prices INCLUDE packaging and postage costs within Australia.


    Please contact me to provide a quote on the artwork for delivery outside of Australia

  • Returns

    I will endeavour involve you in the planning process and keep you updated on the progress of your commissioned artwork so you are able to let me know if you have any concerns before it is completed. 


    If you are not satisfied with the commissioned artwork when you receive it, please let me know within 7 days so I can see how I can work with you to make any adjustments to ensure you are happy with the artwork (note postage and packaging costs for returns are not payable by the artist)


    Once you have paid the deposit (non-refundable) and the artwork is confirmed as being completed, the balance of payment becomes due (payable within 2 weeks of being advised the artworks are completed)  – if you choose not to pay the balance of the commission costs of the completed artwork – you forfeit any claim to the painting and/or any prints and/or advertising in which the image is used.  The artwork remains the property of the artist if payment is not finalised.

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