Gift Certificate $100: Petz Portraits by Sonia Farrell


Looking for that special Christmas, birthday or anniversary gift... Look no further.


This Gift Certificate is an ideal gift choice for someone who seems to have everything.  This Gift Certificate can be used towards an existing artwork on this page, or towards an artwork commission by artist Sonia Farrell. 


TIP:  If for example, you wish to pruchase a gift voucher to the value of $130 - you can purchase a $100, a $20 and a $10 gift voucher to make up the total of $130.


This gift certificate is validated with a special code and recipient name once payment is made. The Gift Certificate will be provided in electronic format as a PDF document to your nominated contact details.


Terms and Conditions for the Gift Certiificate in general are as follows:

The recipient of this ‘Petz Portraits by Sonia Farrell’ Gift Certificate is able to apply the value of this gift certificate to a new commissioned artwork, an existing artwork or towards prints by artist: Sonia Farrell undertaking services as Petz Portraits by Sonia Farrell.  When it is applied to a transaction no cash change will be provided and any credit amounts can be used for future projects. Any unused credits will expire after 6 months of the Gift Certificate being exercised.  A commissioned artwork is subject to the following terms and conditions:

Terms and conditions for Petz Portraits by Sonia Farrell

• The medium of the artwork is acrylics on gesso'd canvas, sealed with acrylic sealer and/or varnish.

• The recipient of this gift voucher will be able to supplement their purchase or commission with additional payments to secure an order that suits their requirements.

• The style of Petz Portraits by Sonia Farrell is contemporary realism which typically features a minimalistic style with a focus on the pet’s eyes.

• Non-realistic colours are used for the fur to celebrate the pet’s personality and characteristics. Here are some examples of the colour categorising:

Blue represents loyalty and confidence   and  Green is vibrant and lively

Purple is dignified and sophisticated  and Aqua for stylish and contemporary...

Orange is enthusiasm and Pink is joy and spontaneity

• Please note realistic colours for Petz Portraits by Sonia Farrell are not used intentionally. The unique and special character of artworks is acquired through the colour categorisation that signify the pet portrait artworks of Sonia Farrell.

• Please note the choice of finish for a pet portrait – Option 1 Contemporary Colours and Option 2 (using the Contemporary Colours as a base) application of the Elegance Series finish using a choice of the following colours:

Glamorous Gold – goes with yellow, red, purple, brown, blue black

Distinguished Silver – goes with pink, purple, red, black, aqua

Powerful Copper – goes with orange, green, brown, black

• If you are interested in any other information for additional pet portraits please visit my website, email me on  or phone me on Mobile: 0424 071 026.  Social Media: Facebook and Instragram @Petz Portraits by Sonia Farrell

• You will be given the chance to view progress photos of the artwork twice during the time that the artwork is being created. Your feedback is welcome during this time and is to be provided within 2 days to allow the artwork to progress and meet agreed artwork delivery dates
• Postage and Packaging is INCLUDED in the gift certificate amount for delivery in Australia. Please contact Sonia Farrell to obtain a quote on postage and packaging for locations outside of Australia.
• Notes on returns:

- I endeavour to involve you in the planning process and keep you updated on the progress of your commissioned artwork so you are able to let me know if you have any concerns before it is completed.

- I am confident you will be happy with your artwork, however, if you are not satisfied with the commissioned artwork when you receive it, please let me know within 7 days so I can see how I can work with you to make any adjustments to ensure you are happy with the artwork (note postage and packaging costs for returns are not payable by the artist)

• Artworks are targeted for delivery within 6 to 8 weeks of all requirements being provided – namely 3-5 photos of acceptable quality, and an agreement on colour choice for the artwork, and response to feedback requests by the artist to the artwork recipient (these are to be provided to allow artworks to commence)

• Artwork recipients are not permitted to copy, reproduce or replicate artworks without the express written permission of the Artist – see contact details above

• Artwork recipient to be aware that artworks and reference photos will be used on the website and social media channels (ie Facebook @Petz Portraits by Sonia Farrell, Instagram: @petzportraitsbysoniafarrell, @art2bringglory2God, Twitter: @art2bringglory2God for ongoing promotion)

This Gift Certificate is valid for 3 months (beginning  (TBA)  up to and including ­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­(TBA). This Gift Certificate is not transferable or exchangeable for cash.


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