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The Princess Diaries

Updated: Dec 10, 2019

Famous, fun & funky pets: Meet Princess Pookie

We asked the lovely Miss Princess Pookie if she would share some of her 'Princess Diaries'...

Woof (Hello) der hoomans, my name is Princess Pookie, and my Mummy’s friend asked if I wood like to give you a bit of a sniff around the things that make me, me…

I’m a bizzy little lady with plenty of royal dooties. D'ju thinking how does a girl like me get to do all the egsiting things I do, after all as a Maltese cross pup I’m pretty small, and although all da hoomans tell me how cute I am, I’m no French poodle with long legs and a fancy hairdoo.

Dose hoomans from the Aged Care couldn’t resist my sweet puppy-dog eyes over 70 years ago when dey commed to look for frends for all the grammies and grammas. I telled them I woodnt leave wiff-out my bruvver who was in Animal Welfare League wiff me. Dey first put ours beds unda de Nurses workstation, so I cud see and help dem do the rounds… en den we got nuse that my bruvver cudn't hear, so he retired to da country life wiv one of the luvin Nurses… I do miss barking with him. My dooties now even inclewd letting dem grammies and grammas cuddle me like dem baybies, and it makes dem sew 'appy...

Den I met my forever favouritist hooman eva… Dey call my hooman Dawn… like in da sunrise… she must be very spesool if dey named a part of da day afta her… I trained her well cos she did bring me and my favourite grammie da orsome crispy fried chikkin weengs. Twasn't long den Dawn convinsd da Nurses to let me stay by her hows so I cud take a brayk from all de hoomans and getta gud nites sleep. So now I get dropped off at da grammies and grammas Mundays to Frydays (fryd like dem chikkin weengs) when my hooman goes to talk to lotsa udder hoomans.

I’ve dun some stuff da hoomans get egsited aboot, un dey evan put my pitcher in da noospaper. I saw annudder hooman fall to da grund when she did walkies wid her doggos. I baarkd und baarkd til dem hoomans comd and taked her away in da big truk wid da flashin lites. All da hoomans thawted I was such a gud pup and made a beeg fuss. Dis is just an eggsampil of da fun stuff I get to du evry day…

( link to news story in the GC Bulletin )

O und I luv da hoomans my hooman tawlks to… Dey made me honnnary memba of Country Woman’s Association, da Southport Bowls Club, and da Southport Fishing Club. Dees are jus sum of da appenings dat make my dawgie life so spesoool, and dat make da lives of da hoomans I know spesoool too.

Soo if ya did laaik my stories, pleeze led me know cos dat wud make me feel naaice.

Lotsa luv

Princess Pookie

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