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Glimpses into Suddenly

Updated: Dec 10, 2019

Glimpses into Suddenly

I look back and am astonished at how the Lord has provided glimpses into changes to my life journey through the artworks, Prophetic Words - I have received in my spirit, and social media phrases I have used on my Instagram account. These elements are inspired by the Holy Spirit from the platform of total surrender, and the Lord has quickened in my spirit how these have provided foresight and preparation as I have proceeded on my life journey during this season.

Typically, my art style and process has been intentional and considered – while inspired by the Holy Spirit. The creative expression has been aimed at producing artworks that are aligned with a very specific ‘picture’ and / or impression I receive from the Holy Spirit – for example when I was doing the artwork Jesus – Darling Lamb, I remember receiving a download from the Lord where hands were carving out a wooden cross with a chisel – as part of the colour flow and image of an adorable lamb.

Artwork Titled: Jesus is The Darling Lamb.

Although the artwork itself starts offf with free flow of colour in the Lord… out of the richness of beauty and glory we see the spotless, precious Darling Lamb carving out our Salvation.

Heart desires, Prophetic Words, a time of reflection and intentional seeking the Lord approximately mid 2017 birthed a new path in my life... I see this in hindsight - preparing this blog and reflecting on the different influences, actions and prayers I have been journaling during this time and it has been such an eye opener to see the Lord's fingerprints on my life... This verse has become a reality in my life: Psalms 91:14... "Because he has set his love upon Me, therefore will I deliver him; I will set him on high, because he knows and understands My Name (has personal knowledge of My Mercy, love and kindness - trusts and relies on Me, knowing I will never forsake him - No, never. he shall call upon Me, and I will answer him and honour him - with long life will I satisfy and show him 'My Salvation' (Yeshua.... Jesus)...

As early as July 2017 I started getting Words quickened in my spirit of things 'Suddenly' happening... Of course - expressions such as 'suddenly; 'fast', 'quick', 'now' - all mean something a bit different if you are in discussion with the God who invented time... In faith - I had to learn to be patient... to understand that this time of waiting was also a time of preparation, honing, growing... And one whole year later... almost to the day... my life has 'suddenly' taken a change of direction... but wait - I am getting a bit ahead of myself :-)

In the beginning of 2018, I was feeling led to attend a prophetic art workshop provided by one of my beautiful artist friends. I was keen to learn to be more ‘loose’ and free with my creative expression. The content covered during Wendy’s workshop was very different to what I had anticipated, and I was excited to have been part of this growth process. It was an intensive few days which included an introspective and radical approach.

While the techniques used during the workshop encouraged the freedom of style that I had been keen to see happen in my own art style, I felt a bit disconnected with the artworks produced during the sessions. I felt that I couldn’t really ‘see’ what the Lord was saying through the two nearly abstract pieces (which were not quite complete) created during the workshop. I finally completed the pieces several weeks after the workshop, with leading from the Holy Spirit – they were ‘Glory Revealed’ (see below) and ‘Enter His Rest’(see below). My connection with these artworks have been awakened by realising how they were speaking into my journey.

Artwork: Glory Revealed

In understanding my Kingdom Assignment for my own life – under the guidance of the Holy Spirit, these artworks became a glimpse into how the Lord is using me and my art through the Holy Spirit to give Glory to and reveal the Glory of our Father, His Son and the Treasures and Nuggets of God’s Word and His beautiful Way.

Artwork: Jesus is the Way - Enter in

The message of resting in the Lord has been continuously revealed , expounded and reiterated from all avenues over a period of time… and once again this same message emerged from this artwork… A clear message of trusting the Lord… knowing it is because of His righteousness, we can enter into the this Kingdom Rest that we can operate from in our lives – here and now… The Kingdom of God is already available to us on earth😊

I had not yet picked up on the significance of these artworks in my own life… this was still hidden to me. In saying that, this first workshop I attended helped me to define into words what my Kingdom assignment was… which is such an encouragement.

A few months later, I was unexpectedly invited to attend another prophetic art workshop with another dear artist friend and during that session I co-created another piece which has been ‘resting’ on the easel for quite a while, in anticipation of its significance being revealed to me and finalising the artwork with guidance from the Holy Spirit. It had been two to three months after the initial work on this painting, I have felt the Lord saying that piece depicts Psalm 139 –, and I have since continued to work on the artwork, and as I have done this, I see the depths and elements of Psalm 139 unfolding before my eyes as the Holy Spirit inspires. This artwork will be released shortly.

As an aside, during this 2 – 3 month period, my husband and I visited family in South Africa. Holiday activities during this time included time doing artwork with family members. Subsequently and in hindsight, I have since seen the significance of the artworks I have undertaken - in partnership with the Lord - during that time.

Artwork: God's awesome and abundant blessing and favour

The Lord continually assures me HE IS ENOUGH... He has and IS everything we need. He is and provides abundantly more than we could every ask for or imagine - He is Good, He is Faithful, He is Glorious

Artwork: Courage, strength and freedom – on the wings of an eagle

Such an encouragement - knowing my God and King renews my strength. He gives power to the weak... and if we stumble - He is there like mother eagle bearing her young up as they learn to fly.

Artwork: Connected

There is a place where heartfelt desires and surrender meet Love in its purest form. That place is an unbreakable, life changing and awe-inspiring connection through the Holy Spirit

So 12 to 18 months later, I am seeing the fruit of the Words, Scriptures, Prayers, Declarations and Expressions that I have been recording in my journal - my life has taken on a different look and feel. Seen in my career, my interests and my relationship with the Lord - I can see now that the Lord has influenced and purposed me to record this path...

I believe this journaling has enabled a record - a witness - a description of this path that truly brings glory to the Father - to His Heart - His kindness - His Love... It tells of the amazing abundance of a Grace-filled life thanks to the beautiful and powerful Sacrifice and Resurrection of Jesus. It whispers of the companionship - comfort - love and power of the Holy Spirit in my life... and is available to anyone who becomes intentional in their relationship with the Father - who desires to seek the Lord with their whole heart... who takes God at His Word and through the Holy Spirit exercises faith to believe and accept the amazing life God has in store for as we lay aside our own agenda and align our desires with the Father's amazing path and perfect plan for our life.

Glory, honour and praise be the Abba Father, made possible by Jesus and in the strength and companionship of the Holy Spirit.

Please let me know if any parts of this story has touched your life... If you are going through something similar - I would love to pray with you... Blessings to you and thank you for taking the time to share this account with me... Sonia Farrell

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My heart cry on my unfolding journey with the Lord in respect of art has been to be able to spend more time with Him and in this creative space. Little did I know, that things were going to ‘SUDDENLY’ change.

After our return from our overseas holiday, and back to work after a period of leave, I was unexpectedly advised by my employer that my position (my job as a Project Officer – unrelated to my hobby art endeavours) I had been in for a number of years was made redundant.. It felt so surreal - my heartfelt dream was becoming a reality….

Clearly the Lord had been preparing me for this sudden and unexpected change of direction in my life – as I look over my journal from the beginning of the year, the longing of my heart, the messages of encouragement and support I have been exposed to through the Holy Spirit promptings, Scriptures and Prophetic Words through social media – an extract of my journal at this time...

Worth More than Gold

Leaning into You my Lord, the world fades away

Those things that occupy my mind replaced with all Your care.

Songs ringing in my spirit as the night turns to day

A blessed path not paved with gold, but with fragrance and colour.

Your hand on my life Lord is all I desire.

Your life in me my compass and shield

You guide me wide and true, bright and clear

My Melody, my Shepherd, my Light and my King.

As this new season of my life unfolds, I sit (as in a posture of rest in my Lord) overwhelmed by how wonderful the Lord our God is. I realise how He gives me Life (in abundance) and Light (in the grey and mundane), how He makes my heart glad (filled to overflowing with joy and peace and excitement), how He give strength (in due tie) and energy (to be excited about all He is doing in His Kingdom -for His Glory…

It is like I am dancing with the Lord… His rhythm, timing and grace lead… and I follow – pacing myself to His steps, relaxing in His strong arms - swirling, flying, light as a butterfly. It is an awesome journey… my heart overjoyed, in breathless awe of this Beautiful Bridegroom who HAS me in His hand.

Praise the Lord… TBGTG (To God be the Glory)

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