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He answered my Cry... and His Desires have become my desires...

Updated: Dec 10, 2019

An answer to Prayer unfolding before my eyes!!!

My art interests have only developed since approximately 2015. Previously I was very much career focused and my spare time was used for home renovations and gardening. I had decided to do some art to fill the walls in our home, and when this ‘project’ was finished, I felt led to create some art to celebrate the relationship the Lord and I shared. This was a great time of creating the ‘Shine’ collection which has since become a gift of love for missions in Africa… (Please click here to see available artworks from the 'Shine' Collection)

The Image above is of the artwork titled 'Bask in the Light'... This particular artwork is sold. If you are interested in having a similar artwork done as a commissioned piece, please contact me.

During the process of co-creating with the Holy Spirit I became increasingly aware that my art interest was developing into a newfound love… progressing even further to become became a passion. Perhaps it was the deepening relationship with the Lord – learning to know His heart, and the delving out the riches of His Word as I was ‘discovering’ beautiful and creative nuances I was being led to include in my artwork through the prompting of the Holy Spirit. All the same… my life focus was changing and my heart was longing for something different.

This walk with the Lord through doing art has reminded me continually how God is The Creator, and that we are created in His image. This sense of completion and connection is fuelling the fire more and more to be creating with Him… yearning for the continued partnering with the Holy Spirit as the Lord unveils Himself through His Word, through Inspiration and through a world of colour, texture, nuances, nuggets and treasures.

The above image is the artwork - 'Jesus is the Precious Gift of God' being painted... to see the artwork for sale please view the link.

At that time, the Lord put on my heart to seek Him out intentionally – to run hard after Him. This has continued to develop great times of sharing, and communion with the Lord. It seems the Lord has been guiding me into an even more beautiful relationship with Him and as this journey is unfolding the Lord has quickened beautiful and encouraging prophetic words, that seem to come alive in my heart. At the same time, my inspired artworks have also been unfolding beautiful messages of encouragement to me personally, as indicators of my new Kingdom Assignment that is emerging. I will release another blog post in a few week’s time – called ‘Suddenly’ which will cover this amazing journey I have been on, showing how artworks and prophetic messages have revealed this unfolding assignment in the Lord.

This is just one of the Prophetic artworks: 'Jesus is The Way: Enter In' that has had a real clear message to me in my own walk with the Lord. If you would like more information about this artwork - such as the supporting write up text, or if you would like to purchase the original artwork - please have a look on my website

During this time of intense seeking the Lord’s will with regards to my art interests, I have seen promise after promise of a revelation of God’s plan for my life in this coming season… seen as glimpses into God’s heavenly pleasures, Divine gestures of encouragement, a quickened Word in my spirit… All the while, yearning, seeking, asking, praising, submitting, waiting, trusting!!! Feeling the thrill of something truly unique... of wonderment.... of decadent abundance... that of overflowing joy and tears as a Word becomes a seed and I see a spark of life… the warmth in your heart as you hear His confirming Word through a loving Sister in the Lord – who unknowingly provides just the right word at the right time… a beautiful sense of knowing in faith that Your Father is at work all the while He is telling you to “Rest”. It is almost indescribable to share the experience of joy and peace bubbling up inside of you, as these small pieces of a puzzle start fitting together and slowly but surely a sense of the Lord’s Kingdom Assignment becomes a reality.

A relationship with Father God opens up a unique life experience... leaning in to Him reveals a whole other level of life that we would not otherwise experience... It is truly wonderful and the Name of Jesus be honoured and praised (Image compliments of Pixabay.com).

Eighteen months on from that first heart cry going out – expressed in an earnest and heartfelt desire for something different – for something that gives life – for something more than what my life was at that moment in time, change is happening – radical change!

Image courtesy of Pixabay.com - an open door is beckoning... I am going in to explores fields of wonder and creativity... colours, fragrances, new life, abundance, bursting with vitality.

The Lord has now opened up the opportunity for me to pursue my art interests more seriously, and what this looks like I don’t quite know. This is the subject of continued exploration and adventure in the Holy Spirit.

This is unfolding in a two-fold initiative in my Kingdom Assignment – in creative expression of:

Firstly, Commissioned artworks of pet portraits with a style I believe the Lord has inspired. It is a time of favour and blessing in this realm, and I am truly thankful to the Lord for the style He has revealed and developed in me through the Holy Spirit.

If you would like to find out about having your own pet portrait commissioned, please contact me.

Secondly, a continuation of Prophetic and Christian art, which the Lord is presently defining, what this looks like right now. I am withholding my own agenda in submission to the Lord to reveal His plan for this passion and collaboration.

Existing artworks for sale and commissions welcome - for example - I can collaborate with you and be in submission to the Holy Spirit to undertaken a commission artwork of your own special and unique Prophetic Word in your life, or put on canvas inspirations and or dreams you may be in partnership with the Lord on.

In the meantime, I would like to thank you to those who have been with me along this journey – providing inspiration, support, advice, encouragement and beautiful kindred friendship as we walk out our journey.

I look forward to sharing my next piece about how the Lord has provided direction through art as to my unfolding prophetic outline of my current journey… now clearly becoming my Kingdom Assignment… Please join me then.

Many blessings

Sonia Farrell, Artist ... Creating Inspired artworks in the Shadow of the Almighty.

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