Pet Portraits - Elegance Finish 

'Elegance Series' finish is an option you can choose to finish your pet portrait artwork (note there is an additional cost).


These pet portrait paintings are unique and interesting, with accents of faux gold, silver or copper leaf in the artworks. When on display, the Elegance Series finish on artworks reflect the metallic accents in a delightful and special way, that makes your pet portrait artwork a beautiful decorative wall art in your home.of sophistication and elegance.


When you hang one of Sonia's pet portraits on your home or office, you make a statement saying how much you value and enjoy your furry family member

Sonia's pet portraits are original hand painted pet portrait paintings with added embellishments that shimmer and catch the light with an air of elegance.

Our furbabies mean so much to each us as pet owners and their lives, personalities and mannerisms are celebrated in these contemporary pet portrait artworks.


Vibrant colours, gentle hues, beautiful tones are uses to further depict these characters, so when you see a Petz Portraits by Sonia Farrell artwork, you see more than expressive eyes that speak volumes, or the obvious depiction of the pet's shape - for example - a cat, a dog, a horse, a guinea pig...

Join me in my studio as I apply silver leaf to the pet portrait of Kantaro - a beautiful Shih Tzu pup.

As part of the process of finishing off pet portrait commissions, which gold, silver or copper leaf, we first agree on colours for the pet portrait based on your pet's personality , or if we can use colours that align for your home decor.

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