Pet Painting P'art'y

by Sonia Farrell


Next session - Saturday., 14 August

with more Gold Coast Dates announced soon


Venue:  On the Gold Coast will be advised in coming days.

About Sonia's Pet Painting P'art'y experience...

Come and join us for this unique and fun experience. Sonia takes you and your pet step by step through creating a beautiful artwork for your home. 

Using non--toxic paint and special techniques, you and your pet will create an abstract artwork that is truly one of a kind. In this two hour painting session, together with up to five other pet owners and their pet, you will be involved in a unique creative experience.

Attend one of Sonia's Pet Painting P'art'y's, or book her to run this activity at your your pup's next birthday party... Taking bookings for locations in South East Queensland. Contact Sonia now to discuss availability. 

How to book: 

To attend one of Sonia's Pet Painting P'art'y's you should:

1) Check if both you and your pet meet the criteria* to attend - see below (these have been established to ensure both you and your pet have an enjoyable experience)

2) Print, Read and Complete and return the Registration of Attendance Form including Terms and Conditions, and Waiver Information 

3) Purchase your ticket via Eventbrite 


At any point, if you have any questions please contact Sonia Farrell directly.

*Criteria to attend Pet Painting P'art'y by Sonia Farrell

Suitability of Participating Pets

  • Aged 2+ years

  • Non-aggressive towards other dogs and people

  • Socialised

  • Have updated vaccinations, and tick/flea prevention

Suitability and Responsibility of Participating Pet Owner (please read full terms and considerations for detailed criteria and responsibility)

  • Bring only one participating pet per participating pet owner

  • Have an active and friendly relationship with participating pet - including being patient and sensitive to the needs of the participating pet

  • Not leave pet unattended at any times, and undertake any activities to care for and clean up after the participating pet

  • Pet to be on leash and under control at all times, and not be presenting nuisance activities such as continuous barking

  • Read, and agree to full Terms and Conditions, and Waiver on both sides of the Registration of Attendance form

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