Pet portrait artworks known as 'Petz Portraits by Sonia Farrell' - Prices determined by sized of canvas and number of faces in the artwork. Contemporary style and colours to match personality of your furry friends. Click here to find out about having a pet portrait painting done of your furbaby.


Ask Sonia about her latest product - the 'Elegance Series' to finish of your pet portrait painting commission for something that is just a bit different - something totally unique.  

Yuki Maltese Terrier
The handsome rainbow pup Yuki (white in Japanese). Lovingly remembered by his family for 16 years of cuddles, companionship and playful adventures.
Painted in blue in appreciation of his gentle, loving, and calm manner - and also purple for his playful and curious ways. Little Yuki loved to literally lean on his hoomans regardless if they were sitting or laying down. No artworks are to be copied, replicated, duplicated or reproduced in part or whole, without the written permission of the artist.
Yuki Reference photo
Photo is not be be copied, distributed, duplicated without the permission of the pet owner and the artist Sonia Farrell
Pinot  King Charles Cavalier Cross
Pinot on adventure meant she felt the wind in her hair, enjoying every moment...This rainbow pup was smiling, and was caring and lovable, and enjoyed games of catch loved to run. Pinot is celebrated in aqua for her unique characteristics, and yellow for joy, with accents of faux silver and faux gold leaf 'Elegance Series'. Artworks are not to be copied, reproduced, duplicated, or distributed without the written permission of the artist Sonia Farrell
Pinot Reference Photo
Pinot Reference Photo is not be be duplicated, replicated, copied without the permission of the pet owner and the artist Sonia Farrell
Ziggy Australian Shepherd
Meet Ziggy, a beautiful Australian Shepherd pup. Celebrated in green - young and lively, and orange - energetic and joyful nature. The beautiful grey markings in his fur was captured reminding me of silver streaks that speak of his preciousness in his family's hearts... The blue background celebrates Ziggy's loyalty. Artworks are not to be copied, duplicated, reproduced without artist Sonia Farrell written permission
Ziggy Australia Shepherd Reference
Ziggy the Australian Shepherd - Reference Photo for a custom pet portrait by pet artist Sonia Farrell
Pet Portrait of Smudge in Purple
Meet 'Smudge' -  a beautiful rainbow kitty celebrated in purple (representing dignity)...  and silver/grey accents, which highlights princessly traits.
Reference Photo Smudge Grey Domestic
Reference photo of Smudge, Rainbow Cat, Grey Domestic Shorthair
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Pet Portrait of pug dog in teal colo

Meet 'Luna', a cheeky, beautiful, precious rainbow pug celebrated in teal colour. She had the cutest smile and most loving personality... Lost way too soon at a young age, but such a gift of love, affection and happiness that made a difference and left a mark in the family who loved her and still very much cherish the great memories made during such a short time... Artworks may not be duplicated, copied, or distributed in any way without written permission from the artist: Sonia Farrell