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Inspirational art that you connect with is like panning in a riverbed, and coming across a rich deposit of gems and treasures that enrich your life...

Welcome… Sonia Farrell is an artist with a contemporary art style with a splash of realism. Based on the Gold Coast in Queensland, Australia, Sonia enjoys spending time creating artworks including 'Christian and Prophetic art', and 'petz portraits'  using acrylic colours, modelling paste and other elements for textures, and scented natural elements. 

Delivering more than beauty to a room, going beyond contemporary décor, or abstract hues that match the furniture - inspirational art showcases the ‘Good News’ on a wall, provides message of glory and honour to the Living God, makes a declaration into the physical, social and spiritual realm.


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The majority of art produced by Sonia Farrell could be considered Bible verse art with and without words.  The artworks provide reminders of the Promises of God which are woven into the paintings, and with the power of the Holy Spirit these spiritual keys become part of your everyday life.  God’s Word is an assurance of the rich encouragement and life-tools that enhance your life. With Jesus Christ we go beyond having an existence – to connecting to an amazing life source and living a life that is plugged into the super-abundant power of the Living God. 

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Christian and Prophetic art in your home acts as a ‘reminder’ through connection by the Holy Spirit’ of the amazing richness and beauty of the Word of God. Its a great way to ‘study’ the Bible!

Many of Sonia’s artworks are creative expressions featured in themed paintings and art collections.  Got a moment... see Available artworks (link) 

These inspired creative expressions act as inspirational ‘reminders’ of the pearls of wisdom and discerning Truths of the Word of God, the Bible when displayed on walls at your workplace such as Boardroom, office and reception, or at home in your lounge, entrance hall, study and bedroom.


Sonia’s artwork collections are also available as beautifully presented coffee table books, which make beautiful Christian gifts for that person who seems to have everything.

Just off the Easel ...

Petz Portraits by Sonia Farrell

Pet portrait painting of Bac a Bichon Friese puppy using shades of blue and aqua

Recent pet portrait commission - Meet 'Baci'

Interested in having your beautiful furry friend done as a pet portrait?  Please contact Sonia.

NEW:  Petz Portraits Gift Certificates now available - follow this link

Sonia's Christian & Prophetic Artworks

IMG_20181115_162442 The Right Choice sma

This is one of Sonia’s recent artworks - which is part of the 'God's Way.' Collection, Titled: "The Right Choice - the Bride, the Alabaster Jar and The Lion'


Got a few moments…?  Check out examples of artworks - including artworks from the 'Shine' collection - proceeds of which go fully to fundraising for specific Africa mission work (further information available on request).

Sonia’s Christian and Prophetic art helps you, through the Holy Spirit, to enact Proverbs 4:20 - 23, which reads:

"My son, give attention to my words; Incline your ear to my sayings. Do not let them depart from your eyes;
Keep them in the midst of your heart; For they are life to those who find them, And health to all their flesh. Keep your heart with all diligence, For out of it spring the issues of life.”

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