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Have a peek at art collections in beautiful Limited Edition Coffee Table books
Pet Art Limited Edition Prints

Prints are available of non-commissioned artworks in my various collections, and I am continually building up new collections and adding to some developing collections such as my pet art which features different breeds and species of pets. Prints are available as 'Limited Edition Prints' and 'Limited Edition Hand Embellished Prints'.

Available prints will continue to grow over the next 12 months, so if you are keen to see a particular breed of pet, or species, please message me through the 'Contact' form and I will see about expediting the artwork and make prints available.

The prints are undertaken on an A3 size cotton rag paper that has a matte velvet finish. The prints are available on order and are loose against a backing board so they are kept rigid, and packaged in a plastic archival sleeve. Each Limited Edition print is signed and numbered. The Limited Edition Hand Embellished Prints are also signed and numbered, but they have been made unique by being over-painted and embellished by hand providing customised semi-original print with elements of original slightly textured paintwork and addition of mixed media where appropriate. 

Post Cards for sale - Motorbike art collection - contact me now to get yours (these are in the process of being added to my Shop tab... post cards are $6 each or the set of 6 post cards for $30
Coming Soon!!!  Keep a look out for:
Limited Edition Prints of my motorbike art collection, and my food art collection. In the meantime, the links will take you to my original artworks for sale...   (Eager to order Limited Edition Prints and/or postcards - please contact me to get yours as soon as possible)

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