Wrapping up 2020... Hello 2021

Good bye 2020 and hello 2021

You've heard the saying... 'Life is like a box of chocolates' ~ Forrest Gump... well I agree.  However, for 2020 it feels more like a bunch of fresh flowers in a vase that perhaps had been kept a little longer than it should have -. it is time for a fresh start... 

...... and this is how I feel looking back on 2020 - which by the way is meant to indicate a clarity in vision - I thought I would try to crystalise those things in this past year that I have loved and appreciated (and being intentional in not dwelling on the negative things that had reared their ugly heads during the year.)..

Image by KateCox on Pixabay

I found remembering the good despite the bad is quite a challenge as this past year held such big changes for our world and our society as a whole... I do believe our sense of ‘normal’ has truly changed!.

So preparing for 2021 for me has included a bit of contemplation and thoughts of the past year... 

Sometimes deciding to ‘park’ things I really would have liked to have done better is a good thing, leaving me the 'space' to celebrate accomplishments big and small.  

My intention to focus on the things that were fun, life-giving and a truly enjoyable part of my art journey in 2020 has been good to do... It is like looking at a field of flowers and seeing  the light gently playing with colours, giving vibrancy and life, filling me with thankfulness, warmth and joy. 

Image by Websi on Pixabay

The best part of 2020 for me, in my walk as an artist, has been to meet and get to know some amazing people ... YOU  ...  people I have had the pleasure of getting to know...

I consider myself so blessed to have amazing friendships and developing wonderful relationships with those who have supported me through buying art, or commissioning a custom painting, or spending fun creative time together in art workshops.  

I think of those I have met in casual ‘conversations’ face to face, or via various social media channels. 

As my art encompasses doing pet portraits, I also happily remember the adorable fur friends I’ve painted, where you - their hoomans - were choosing to celebrate them through art.

 When I reminisce over these past 12 months, I feel like I’m walking down a beautiful garden path with delightful images and imaginings of canine and feline adventures, growing love and connection, and sweet memories being made and/or lovingly appreciated..

I think of meeting yourselves at the doggies markets, and conversations and laughter at the Creative Hearts Art Gallery on the Gold Coast, or a lovely chat at an art exhibition, or a coffee shop.  

And I think of my trusty studio assistant.. Frankie who is a constant remember to me to take time to love ... and to stop and smell the roses...

I'm realising more and more, what a great language art is... it brings people together and helps us to take time to relax... to remember... to appreciate... to live...

And I have seen more and more people take time to do something they love with the art experiences art experiences I have offered both at the Creative Hearts Art Gallery, and on-line.

If anything, what 2020 has taught me, is to appreciate the good, live life in the moment - being present where you are, and to know there are just some things we can't control.  What we can do is choose how we respond to those things around us... to recognise and see the treasures in life... like love, faith and trust... 

Love - within ourselves - ie being kind to ourselves... and showing love to those around us. Working together and connecting with one another is so important.  

Faith - knowing that we can choose life that find strength, courage and stability in that love that surrounds us... for me this is grounded in my deep faith in my Creator. 

Trust - feeling rest assured that there is a greater purpose for life, and that all things - good or what I could perceive as bad - works together for my benefit as a human being - nurturing me, growing me, teaching me

A beautiful glory-filled sky over our home on the Gold Coast, Australia... A reminder that there are good things to come.  It is feeling like its going to be a great 2021!

So as I wrap up the review of 2020 - and consider the exciting new year ahead, I'd like to take this opportunity to wish you and your loved ones ALL THE VERY BEST for 2021!  

God Bless you 


Sonia :-)