Pet Celebration: Besties Jasmin the Boxer and Luna the French Bulldog

Kelly shares the things she loves about Jasmin the Boxer, and Luna the French Bulldog in these two artworks featuring the solo portrait of Jasmin, and the portrait showing two Besties side by side - on adventure - having fun together!

colourful dog painting of a boxer and French Bulldog by artist Sonia Farrellpainted pet portrait in red of a Boxer dog by artist Sonia Farrell

Out on adventure, taking advantage of every opportunity to live life to the max, Jasmin the Boxer, and Luna the French Bulldog are ensuring their hoomans take in all the sights and get plenty of fresh air and exercise too!

Pet Photos in this blog courtesy of Kelly, Jasmin and Luna's Hooman.


I met Kelly and her other half at one of the Gold Coast doggie markets. She was enthusiastic to enter my market-day competition, little knowing she would be the randomly selected winner a few days later. 

It is always a lot of fun to tell someone they won a prize , and Kelly was so excited and enthusiastic about her prize. Choosing also to be a ongoing and active subscriber to my website meant her prize was upgraded - which was part of the promotion on that day. Sadly Jasmin, the Boxer, was not well at the time, so Kelly and I agreed to give her time to focus on getting Jasmin well and strong. 

Pet Photos in this blog courtesy of Kelly, Jasmin and Luna's Hooman.

Once Jasmin's health was restored, Kelly decided that in addition to Jasmin's solo portrait prize, she was keen to have both her sweeties painted on a separate canvas to fully celebrate the friendship between the two sweetie pies.


Pet Photos in this blog courtesy of Kelly, Jasmin and Luna's Hooman.


Work on the pet portrait paintings started soon after:  First Jasmin's solo portrait with red speaking of passion, love and intensity heart


Jasmin is being celebrated in red and traces of purple in her solo portrait that Kelly won as a prize at one of the Gold Coast doggie markets.  Jasmin's portrait in red carries with it an appreciation of her fun-filled, passionate personality. Kelly describes Jasmin as a cheeky, fun-loving goofball with a sweet and gentle nature that is almost polite. Her overflowing love and loyalty highly rivalled by a streak of stubbornness that makes Jasmin truly her own 'person'. Jasmin's favourite thing to do is to play ball and swim.

Then on to the joint-portrait - two friends - Jasmin and Luna side by side:



Kelly lovingly described the beautiful and younger Luna's personality highlighting that her choice of pink is perfect for Luna's portrait. Who could but smile when you hear that this gorgeous chatty French Bulldog pup is playfully crazy, fun-lovingly cheeky, quirky, loyal and extremely stubborn!  In between tug of war games, squeaky toys and zoomies, Luna keeps everyone on their toes.

The hand painted pet portraits featuring the faces of special furbabies are visual celebrations in contemporary non-realistic colours with pink representing joy, happiness and love;  and finally purple reflecting intelligence, dignity and grace. Custom paintings can be so much fun, because you can truly make it your own - truly unique and deeply meaningful.

Truly a celebration of all that is appreciated


Join me in studio as I talk through Jasmin and Luna's portrait as I prepare to get these pet paintings to Kelly - YouTube Clip: Studio Time: Jasmin the Boxer and Luna, the French Bulldog

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