Exploring Pet Breeds: The Jack Russell

When I paint a breed of animal I am not totally familiar with, I love learning about them - investigating via the 'trusty Dr Google', researching articles, and asking pawrents of the featured breed type how they would describe their furbabies... I have truly enjoyed getting to know what makes Jack Russell's tick!  This artwork is so new it has not yet been added to my website. Contact me if you are interested to find out more about it!

Turns out Jack Russell pups are amazing breed - with a LOT of "very's" as you would expect with any of the Terrier family:

... loyal
... friendly
... brave
... stubborn
... smart
... friendly

... and the list goes on.

People are usually very passionate about their pets, and many times fiercely loyal to a breed. Others are a bit hesitant to explore adopting another breed in addition to types of dogs they already have in case there may be personality clashes. Doing your homework is certainly worth the effort.

I was really pleasantly surprised at the eager disposition, and charming and gregarious nature of Jack Russell's.

If you have a Jack Russell and absolutely love the breed, it would be awesome if you would like to add comments of your experience with them, to help others who may come across this article.

All the very best


Sonia Farrell

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