Congratulations to our recent winner....

Congratulations to recent Winner: Suzanne N 

*Photos & Video shared with permission of Suzanne N.

ANNOUNCING THE WINNER: 'powerful affection' print

Suzanne's name was recently drawn out of a hat after submitting a response to my art survey. This lovely lady won the Special Edition Print on Stone of the artwork 'Powerful Affection. We had such a special meet up locally and Suzanne was happy to share her 'Unboxing Video' with my website Subscribers, so please feel free to have a look and enjoy the moment with us as Suzanne receives her prize.'(viewing time under 60 seconds)

...been following my art journey since 2019...

We first met in 2019 at the Carrara Cat Carnival on the Gold Coast.  Needless to say Suzanne is a cat lover - being the proud Fur Mum of Lucy - so this was a really good place to cross paths..

Since that time, we have been connecting enjoying all things pets and art via my social media channels. 

... lucy approves ...

I was amazed that Suzanne had been to Africa years ago and that she has a deep love for lions, even planning a trip in the near future to the Taronga Zoo *1 in Sydney, Australia, to see their celebrated lion cubs*2 & *3....

What a privilege to be able to share something special, knowing there is a deep connection and appreciation for what is being shared.

In the meantime, back at home, I was relieved to hear both Suzanne's Mum and the lovely Lucy approves of the artwork.

... adopted and appreciated ...

It didn't surprise me to hear that Suzanne has a kind heart as she shares how she and Lucy came to be together:  She writes:

'I adopted Lucy from the Queensland Animal Welfare League in July 2020 and she is around 13 years old. She is the most loving and affectionate cat we have ever had and settled down so quickly, as if she has known us all her life.  

She was at the shelter for the third time - firstly in 2015 as a stray, then surrendered in 2018 and again in 2020, so she has had a lot of upheaval in her life. She had been neglected and let down by her previous humans as much of her coat had been shaved due to extensive matting when I met her.

However, it has grown back beautifully over the last year, and I love her colouring, especially her ginger paw! Her shelter name was Boo Boo!!, but we renamed her Lucy Tabitha. 

Its been a pleasure to see you again Suzanne...

I just love Lucy's story and it was so much fun to reconnect with Suzanne. 

It was amazing to be able to chat with you Suzanne about the heart behind the art of the artwork 'Powerful Affection' and I am so excited that this Special Edition print has found its way to you.

And thank you again (and all other contributors) for taking part in my recent survey and website Giveaway. I truly appreciate you and all those who actively participate in all the fun activities we have together both here on my website, and on my social media channels.

Best regards  


Sonia Farrell

Artist - All Heart by Sonia Farrell

Notes: *Links:

1. Taronga Zoo

2. Introduction to the lion cubs, their mother and significant challenges being faced in the wild with declining numbers.

3. The cubs with their father