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The Lord loves to be involved in the detail of our lives. This story tells about how the Lord Jesus Christ worked with me to define my new art name: ‘All HEart by Sonia Farrell’



“All HEart by Sonia Farrell’ has come about through an approach to the Lord to work with me to establish an art name that captures the sense of His Love, Creativity and Glory. I realise I am presently in a period of growth in my art. I wanted to allow the use of ‘art2bringglory2God’ which was my original art name to a wider group of creatives as the naming magnified the main reason for doing God-centred art.


I was keen to define a new name that still captured the essence of magnifying the Lord through creative expression, that had an interesting creative twist to it, and representing something uniquely inspired by God Himself.




After a period of seeking and asking, the Lord quickened the words ‘All Heart’ in my Spirit by highlighting that the word ‘Heart’ could be split as ‘HE art’ and the significance of ‘All’ ‘HE’ ‘art’ is exactly what I intentioned by revisiting my art name… I am keen to have all the art I create as a witness to and expression of (as much as humanly possible) our awesome, almighty, amazing and magnificent God who burns with love for the world… enough to make a way for reconciliation/ redemption by sending His Son - Jesus Christ - as the perfect sacrifice.


I also wanted to link this personal intention in my art with my name so that my witness as a Christian and Believer can become more transparent and obvious to people I come into contact with. So ‘All HEart by Sonia Farrell’ was birthed.


Heart and Head in the Clouds


With my art name now secured I was keen to have an identifiable icon or symbol. It was important to be something that was clearly from the Lord, and I was doing little designs and playing with ideas constantly but wasn’t getting excited about any of them.


After a number of weeks prayerfully in submission to the Lord with regards to my art interests and endeavours, and how this all fits in my current life journey, the Lord showed me an amazing sign in the clouds… I was travelling to work in my car and was astounded when I looked out the windscreen at the sky… I pulled over three times to try take a photo, but wasn’t able to get even a partial shot.



There in the sky. which was full of banked clouds, was an amazing ultra-shiny perfect heart shape glowing in a breathtaking gold/silver intensity that I could barely look at. At the bottom of the heart an extended triangular shape of the same light intensity was beaming in an earthbound direction. I thought at first that it was the sun trying to break through the clouds, but in astonishment realised that the sun was more to the right and was shining and highlighting this part of the cloud formation. Both the sun and the cloud were of the same light intensity – almost like you couldn’t tell the difference between the two.

I arrived at the car park and quickly sketched the image in my journal which I carry around with me.


The Shekinah Shadow


The next morning when I started preparing for my special morning devotion time, I noticed I had drawn the image of the glory light in the clouds below my journal page phrase banner I had hand written in a few weeks ago ahead of time for that week. It provided words celebrating creating art in the shadow and protection of God’s presence!


My mind was spinning with the significance of the combination of the image and the wording… I felt in my Spirit that the Lord said to me


“… that the shadow of God is in the shape of a Heart…”


I was speechless, and joy filled me up so I started laughing and before I knew it tears and laughter filled me up so I was overflowing. It was complete surrender, joy, encouragement and fulfilment in an amazing encounter from the depths of me… It felt like a ‘Damascus Road’ experience – How awesome is God!


My innermost being melted at the beauty, and boundless and staggering revelation that would forge itself into my story…. My art story… My HEart story…


My new brand icon inspired by the sign in the clouds features the heart shape, with the beam emanating out the bottom end of the heart. The centre part of the icon – a CROSS!


God provides a ‘Calling Card’


In a remarkable answer to prayer, the Lord has provided a ‘calling card’ for my heartfelt passion of creating art as an act of worship, a way - an to edify and build up the Church, and a way to express the Bible creatively with the artworks themselves becoming key reminders of the beautiful truths, stories and mysteries revealed. The Bible encourages us in Proverbs 4 to keep Wisdom and Truth ever before us…


Through art we can visually view the Bible – which the Lord Himself has provided for us to explore and discover more and more of Him. It is like a fountain of Truth and Life and ultimately is a ‘Guide’ and ‘Manual’ for Life. All HEart expresses ‘Good News on a Wall’




In providing the beautiful sign in the clouds, the Lord has provided a simple yet powerful declaration of why and how I do art… I do art from a position of praise and worship, fuelled by Biblical Truths, to bring glory to the wonderful Father Heart of God.


Thank you for reading this story.

God bless you


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God Bless You!



Written in Dec 2017