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Sonia Farrell is an Australian artist based on the Gold Coast, working in mixed media, painting intuitively with a splash of realism.  Sonia loves to create connection with the viewer - using light, reflections and shadows to shape her contemporary style. Sonia’s artworks are held in private collections across Australia, South Africa and Japan, and been exhibited in Melbourne and Gold Coast, including: Gold Coast Show 2019 (First Prize-Agricultural), ‘Abundant Life’ 2019, ‘Lift Him Up’ 2018, ‘Kings’ 2018 and 2017 (Encouragement Commendation), ‘Shine’ 2017.



A passion for connection, light and emotion enlivens Sonia's artwork with a ever-widening variety of subject choice including unique pet portraits, contemporary realism, and abstracts - using mediums of mixed media, acrylics and encaustic wax. 

Having lived in Africa, New Zealand and now Australia, Sonia has deep spiritual roots and a love for animals - which sparks strong creative and inspirational influences in Sonia's creative expression. 


Sonia's artworks range from detailed, layered and complex to minimalistic intuitive and contemporary.  


With her creativity strongly grounded in her relationship with her Creator, Sonia manages to capture nuances, personalities, emotions and connection in her artworks - including her very colourful and dynamic artistry. 


Sonia's pet portrait paintings are one of her current specialities which includes feature artworks of beautiful pets of all shapes and sizes, with the focus of the artwork on the eyes of the subject. Leap frogging the limitations of realistic portraits, Sonia uses colours that are symbolic of their personality and mannerisms to portrays your special furry friends in a distinctive and exciting style that makes a statement about you and your pet

Sonia's inspirational artworks feature spiritual truths and Biblical gems that help Believers keep teachings 'up front and personal'. Her works have included prophetic artworks and representations that are unique to the Christian faith.


In all Sonia's artworks - light, reflections and shadows, textures and colours help to create depth, excitement and meaning.  She often embeds symbols and works in representations that are intended to be ‘discovered’ and this causes her artworks to be interactive with the viewer.


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