About Sonia's inspired art

What makes Sonia’s art so special?

Delivering more than beauty to a room, going beyond contemporary decor, or abstract hues that match the furniture - inspiration art showcases the 'Good News on a Wall',provides a message of glory and honour to the living God, makes a declaration into the physical, social and spiritual realm.


A significant number of artworks undertaken collaboratively between Sonia and the Lord – through the Holy Spirit –are influenced and supported by Biblical truths and principles.

The artworks provide reminders of the Promises of God which are woven into the paintings, and with the power of the Holy Spirit these spiritual keys become part of your everyday life. God's Word is an assurance of the rich encouragement of life-tools that enhance your life. With Jesus Christ we go beyond having an existence - to connecting to an amazing life source and living life that is plugged into the super-abundant power of the Living God.

Quick look at some of Sonia's artworks

Through a cooperative creative process and the inspiration of the Holy Spirit, Sonia builds on simple truths with hidden gems and truths that are developed into artworks using colours, art mediums, symbols and numbers.  These additional elements add facets and complexity to the artworks that are shared in art write ups, and unfolded and revealed through the Holy Spirit, which adds an interesting dimension to the artworks.


Viewers have a sense of discovery and connection as nuances and treasures within the artwork are discerned.

Sonia explains the 'heart behind the art' on her YouTube Channel - be sure to check it out.  Also check out Sonia's other Social Media channels - Follow, Like, Love and Recommend - it would be greatly appreciated.




Sonia’s works are undertaken on quality canvases, prepared with gesso, painted with quality colour-fast acrylic paints and other mediums, that are coated with a double layer of acid-free varnish to ensure your art investment remains attractive and able to be enjoyed for many years to come.


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The Art Process

"My art journey has taken me into an increasing internal desire to ‘create’ with the Creator. It has become a Kingdom Assignment and is a ministry and response to many Scriptures that encourage Believers to make God’s Word their own – to get Knowledge and Get Wisdom – to have God’s Word ever before us…


Artworks come about through research, planning and contemplation. I am motivated by simple beauty and inspired by ‘soaking’ in contemporary Christian music. My prayer is that any art pieces I have had a hand in will glorify our wonderful Creator and His Son, our Lord Jesus Christ.

Often times, I feel led by the Holy Spirit with impressions and inspiration resulting in meaningful gems and nuances that find their way into art designs. These are intended to be ‘discovered’ as you spend time with the artwork.

I have seen the fingerprints of God on my life and experienced that He lovingly provides guidance in life-defining decisions and in the detail of our everyday life. As Christians, we can be ‘plugged in’ to a powerful life in Christ Jesus, fully enjoying our position as Sons or Daughters of God – blessed with God’s protection and favour, and prepared with our Brothers and Sisters as the ‘Bride of Christ’ ".

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