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Welcome to all HEart by Sonia Farrell

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All the best   -   Sonia Farrell"

Sonia Farrell is an Australian artist working in mixed media with paintings that are intuitive, full of colour, with a contemporary art style and a splash of realism. Gold Coast painter, Sonia Farrell enjoys creating artworks using acrylics in vibrant colours; encaustics; modelling paste, gold leaf, silver leaf, copper leaf - and other elements for textures, and scented natural elements

Want to know what I am up to... check out the latest below, but do come back soon because I am continually adding news, events, and new artworks - and updating my website...

This is what Sonia is up to lately
Terry writes in response to the artwork:  'They are great. Both Rob and I love it. I w

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Christian and Prophetic art in your home acts as a ‘reminder’ through connection by the Holy Spirit’ of the amazing richness and beauty of the Word of God. Its a great way to ‘study’ the Bible!

Just off the Easel ...

Food Art by Sonia Farrell

I am in the process of creating a collection of food art - the first three artworks have now been uploaded into my 'Shop' section.  Check out - 'Food Art' 

Petz Portraits by Sonia Farrell

IMG_20200130_080321 Yuki cropped waterma

Recent pet portrait painting in acrylics. Meet 'Yuki' -  a beautiful rainbow Maltese pup, celebrated in blue and purple.  Blue for loyalty, affection and gentleness.  ...  and purple for his dignity and passionate love and devotion.(see Gallery of Pet Portraits for some past commissioned pet portraits).

Check out Studio Time showing 'Yuki's' pet portrait artwork... Click here

Interested in having your beautiful furry friend painted in a custom pet portrait?  I do original hand painted artworks including cat portraits, dog portraits, horse portraits, even bird portraits and portraits of all types of pets. Find out more here.

For a unique and extraordinary gift  - why not give the gift of pet art or a pet portrait commission.  You could surprise your loved one, friends and family with a pet portrait  painting Gift Certificate. That way they get to enjoy their best friend as wall art to compliment any decor - Follow this link for quick access

Inspirational Art by Sonia Farrell

IMG_20200203_114821 (2) Secret Garden sm

This is one of Sonia’s recent artworks - which is part of her 'Jesus is...' Collection of  inspirational artwork. This piece is titled: "Secret Garden"


Got a few moments…?  Check out  inspired artworks including Christian and Prophetic artworks for sale - including artworks from the 'Shine' collection - proceeds of which go fully to fundraising for specific Africa mission work (further information available on request).

Or you may wish to commission your own inspirational artwork. Find out more here.

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